Hallie Hohbein’s Resume


University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Lincoln, NE

Bachelor of Science

Major: Software Engineering; GPA: 3.6

Graduation: May 2020 (anticipated)


Undergraduate Researcher, Lincoln, NE

University of Nebraska—Lincoln, June 2017-present

  • Assist Dr. Myra Cohen to help create a Combinatorial Interaction Testing(CIT) app on KBase with the use of covering arrays in an unconstrained simulated annealing program
  • Gain proficiency in Python, C, KBase, and Docker
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Lincoln, NE

University of Nebraska—Lincoln, August 2017-present

  • Aid Dr. Suzette Person and Dr. Brady Garvin by assisting teaching their Intro to Software classes
  • Review labs before class to help discover and correct errors
  • Assist students during class by answering questions and checking their answers
  • Hold office hours to provide outside help to students
Nelnet, Lincoln NE

Content Management Intern, July 2016-August 2017

  • Collaborated with a team of people to make major and minor decisions on the help site in production
  • Daily wrote in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design the help website
  • Communicated with other teams in the company to discuss their needs for the website and talk about how to implement their needs
  • Collaborated with other teams to create single sign on for the website and better understand how google analytics can help with site feedback



Nebraska College Preparatory Academy Camp  University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Volunteer, July 2018

  • Served as a primary organizer for a 3-day Computer Science and Engineering Camp which hosted almost 200 first-generation or low-income junior and sophomore students
  • Worked directly with NCPA representatives to communicate plans and organize students
  • Organized a computer science Olympics with 16 different activities. Personally created 5 of these events
  • Planned training documents and lead the training of 20 NCPA mentors and 17 Computer Science mentors.
  • Ordered and prepared food and materials for the students and the mentors
Computer Science and Engineering Ambassadors, University of Nebraska—Lincoln

President, December 2017-present

  • Schedule and organize meetings and events
  • Seek new opportunities and collaborate with organizations such as CLC, 4H, the Malone Center, and Major League Hacking
  • Delegate responsibilities among our 50 members

STEMentor, January 2018-May 2018

  • Use the application Zoom to remotely join 3 different classrooms across Nebraska to teach them robotics
  • Aid site leaders to boost their computer abilities and confidence to improve rural computer education

Robotics Club Site Chair, August 2017-December 2017

  • Worked with middle school students to teach them robotics skills
  • Plan a curriculum from scratch as well as lead training sessions for new mentors
  • Responsible for staff supervision and administrative operation
  • Supervise operations of the club and students while working directly with the school administrators
CSE Girl Scout Camp, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Volunteer, June 2016

  • Facilitated a week-long camp where I taught Girl Scouts how to use numerous programming and engineering tools



Computer Skills: Python, Java, GIT, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C, C++, SQL, Eclipse, Linux, Kivy, UML, JUnit, Docker



Dean’s List at UNL, Spring 2017-Fall 2018

Grace Hopper Celebration, was invited to attend this celebration in October 2016

NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing, 2016

Susan Buffett Scholarship (based on academic achievement), August 2016-present

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