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Brave New World Chapters 7-15

In my last post about Brave New World by Aldous Huxley I reviewed chapters 1-6. Since then the story has really begun to pick up and I need to write a reflection on all these new developments.

When I left off in the story, characters Lenina and Bernard had just landed in a Reservation in Mexico. After this, the story twists in a way that I was not expecting at all. After finding out that Lenina and Bernard were the main characters I was expecting the story to be them falling in love and the troubles they face in their efforts. Instead we are introduced to two more important characters named John and Linda who completely throw a wrench into the expected story development. Huxley throws the story in a new direction and provides a thought shifting plot twist that allows the reader to become more immersed in the story.

The premise of a futurist world in a story is nothing new to us modern readers in the age where Utopian and Dystopian novels have become a norm. However, this book being much older, is one of the firsts of it’s kind. It would be very easy for Huxley to simply be happy with this original world and to write a flimsy or sappy story to go with it. Instead he really takes hold of the story and drives it to a height worthy of this new world. While I haven’t yet finished the story, so far, it is unlike any book that I have ever read. The kind of detail and imagery that Huxley uses in his writing makes the world come to life for the reader. The storyline itself also lends itself to the story. Because of the way and the timing that different characters are introduced, Huxley is able to focus on developing just a few pieces of the world and characters at a time. This style of writing allows for the full examination of each character before introducing many other ones so that it is obvious when there is change in this character. And while Huxley describes the world very well, the most insight the reader receives about the world is through the characters. For example in this section, the reader can see just how deeply engraved certain habits and ways of thinking are engrained into the minds of many of the characters, especially when looking at Linda, but also when Lenina interacts with John. John provides a different view in the story that strongly contradicts those of those around him. This throws many norms out of wack, which is when you see the most change in characters, for better or for worse.

This entire section of reading contained a lot of change for characters and for the plot, and there is much more anticipated changes in the future as the way of life in this smoothly running new world faces new challenges that they never thought they would have to face. Now that I am over 3/4 done with this book I look forward to seeing more revealed about this new world while also watching it deviate from it’s intended path and finally how the whole story comes to a head in the last few pages.

One thought on “Brave New World Chapters 7-15

  1. Love that you caught onto Huxley’s amazing style in this book. It doesn’t set up for a quick pace at the beginning, but I don’t even care. He wants us to slow down. He wants us to zoom in and see the nitty gritty details and consider what they might mean for this society. Hopefully you can finish this just in time for Fahrenheit 451!

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