19 Oct

Como Se Taco Creates New Taco Combinations


The new taco joint in Lincoln, Como Se Taco, has given a unique twist on what a taco can be.

Opened on August 19th of this year, Como Se Taco is already a flourishing taco restaurant, with it’s small floorplan barely being able to contain the plethora of customers who dine there. When I went there myself, there wasn’t even a table to sit at and I had to bring my food to the neighboring Honest Abe’s to eat instead.

After stepping inside, it becomes clear quite quickly that this is no typical mexican cuisine restaurant. It has a trendy vibe along with modern tables and chairs. It might make people question whether or not the restaurant serves authentic Mexican food.

But their questioning would be warranted. With menu options including “Seoul Food” and the “Jamaican Sensation” it’s obvious their goal was not authenticity. But instead of being a drawback, this enhances the appeal of the restaurant. They are able to present a very unique menu, in the most delicious way possible.

Their unique menu includes 7 different tacos to choose from, combined with 4 different meat options. They also offer rice bowls and salads that you can use as a bed for your taco.

I ordered the “Seoul Food” taco with pork and “The Peanut Gallery” taco with chicken, which use Korean and Thai cuisine to inspire their ingredients. For those who are less adventurous, there is still the option of the “Plain Jane” which contains classic taco ingredients.

While their menu might seem limited, it helps that they offer more than just unique tacos. They also offer chips and salsa, with housemade corn chips and 4 different salsa options.

Their menu also contains 4 different drinks, with one of them being the classic Mexican rice drink, Horchata, but another one being Thai Iced Tea. It continues with the theme of having Mexican drinks, but they also have other unique drinks.

And for children who maybe are afraid to try any of the tacos, there is also a kid’s menu available for children 12 and under.

At Como Se Taco, you are able to enjoy a new and unique type of food, while still being able to eat local.


Como Se Taco

840 N 70th St, Lincoln, NE 68505


Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM – 9PM

“Curiously delicious tacos for all humanity.”

3 May

Arlo Guthrie in Omaha

A little while back I went to go see Arlo Guthrie in Concert for his Alice’s Restaurant 50th Anniversary Tour. I have been a fan of Arlo Guthrie for a little while now, so when a friend informed me that he was coming to Omaha, we bought tickets right away.  Then when I found out that he would probably be singing his song “Alice’s Restaurant” I became even more excited.  Because he did this song so much on tours when he was younger and because the song is about the draft for the Vietnam War he no longer felt the need to sing it on every tour but now it’s the 50th anniversary and he’s singing it again.

The concert was held at the Holland Center in Omaha NE. My friend and I showed up nice and early and went to the merchandise table where I got a “Group W Bench” t-shirt and an Arlo Guthrie CD called “Running Down the Road” both of which I am very happy with, even though I wanted to just buy everything at the table. There was also, for those that are interested, a bar where you could get alcoholic beverages during the show and at intermission.

The concert itself was fantastic. It started off will the silliest little video to the ‘Motorcycle Song’. After that, Arlo came on stage and the show really began.  Arlo has a fantastic stage presence and a great sense of humor.  Also, with his long life in music, he has A LOT of stories to tell and even more talent to tell them.  I’m sure he could go on for hours talking about all these experiences that he’s had and I would love to just sit down with him and listen to all of them.  A few hours at a concert was just as enjoyable though and, even with a cold, his singing was still great. He also sang a wide variety of songs like ‘Saint James Infirmary’, ‘Coming into Los Angeles’, and ‘This Land is Your Land’ all of which were done beautifully. Then came the moment right after intermission where he went into the old classic ‘Alice’s Restaurant’. During the song he had clips from the movie playing behind him and had lyrics up at the end for everyone to sing along. He told the story of Alice’s Restaurant just as well as he did fifty years ago but changed a few of the lyrics so it could apply to what is going on the world now.  It was very well done and is just as important of a song now as it was in the 60’s.

Overall, an amazing concert, just as one can expect from Arlo Guthrie. The tour is over now, but if you ever get a chance to go see him live in concert, I would highly recommend it.  It’s worth every penny.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.21.41 AM

21 Apr

Rocky Horror at the Joyo

At 10 o’clock Friday night I went to the Joyo with a few friends to go see the cinematic masterpiece, that is Rocky Horror Picture Show.  But, seriously, if you’ve ever seen this movie, you know how ridiculous it really is.  But if were writing this post only to talk about the movie, I wouldn’t have mentioned having seen it at the Joyo in Lincoln Nebraska.  No, what is truly unique is the experience that the owners of that theater give you. I had seen the movie prior to seeing it at the Joyo, but I was in for a surprise when the movie started.  It was easily the most unique movie atmosphere that I have ever experienced.  I don’t want to give too much away, just in case you want to go and see for yourself, but I’ll give you the basic run down.  Before going into the theater you get a friendly introduction and be directed toward the counter where you will be encouraged to buy a survival pack.  Buy this pack, as it will enhance your movie watching experience. Throughout the movie you will be using your survival packs as it becomes appropriate.  They then play the movie one the big screen while the leaders of the experience fill the movie with hilarious commentary.  It sounds like it should be annoying, but it actually makes the movie even better.  All these things, plus a couple of surprise interactive experiences in the middle, make for a truly amazing show.

Both the movie and the survival pack only cost $10, which is a great price for what you are getting.  I would like to warn everyone that the show is very vulgar and the movie also isn’t particularly fit for children (at all) so just be warned before entering.  Also I would suggest that you watch Rocky Horror Picture Show before seeing the show at the Joyo or bring someone with you that has seen it or the entire experience might be overwhelming for you.  Just my suggestion though.

So go buy a ticket and enjoy the show!

15 Mar

Bands at Duggan’s Pub

Last night I went to Duggan’s Pub to go see a friend’s band play.  It was a great little bar with a good sound system and a massive stage to play on.  There was plenty of room for their 6 piece band, which isn’t always the case at bars, and, though I didn’t have any food myself, I have heard their food is delicious.  Plus, they have an awesome pinball machine in the back that I spent way too much money on.

I would love to be able to tell you to go and visit Duggan’s Pub, but sadly it’s closing down after next Saturday.

What you can go and see though are the bands that played there that night.  The first band is called the Prairie Creek Ramblers, which is a bluegrass band from Lincoln Nebraska (pictured below). Last night they were down a member, but that didn’t stop them from sounding great.  Check out the Prairie Creek Ramblers FaceBook page to find out the next time they play!

The other band is called Cattywhompass, which is also a bluegrass band from Lincoln Nebraska.  They had a guest member last night that helped them out for a while on the fiddle and performed a great show overall. After their performance they had a jam session in which audience members could come up and play with them for a bit for fun.  Check out the Cattywhompass FaceBook page to find the times for their upcoming shows!


1 Mar

Ivanna Cone

Guess what’s back!

After being closed for MONTHS for renovations, Ivanna cone is finally open again!  Ivanna cone is one of my top favorite ice-cream shops of all time, so when it finally opened again on February 25th, I wasted no time in dropping by.  The new layout looks very nice, professional, and, most importantly, bigger.  It is much more suited to holding the large crowds that they tend to draw.

But even though their layout changed, their delicious way of making ice-cream and friendly customer service did not.  The particularly kind workers still served tons of unique and yummy flavors, like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Celtic Gray Sea Salt, and French Toast.  After sampling a few, I chose Amaretto which had a sweet, almond flavor that I very much enjoyed.

Next time you feel your sweet tooth coming on, I would suggest going to downtown Lincoln to check out the newly renovated Ivanna Cone and try their delicious and unique flavors.