27 Jan

Hamlet Final Project: Façade



I am a student, a Lincolnite, a daughter, and a user of social media. While I am happy to be apart of all these communities of people, I would be lying if I said that they were all perfect. When there are imperfections in these communities though, people may refuse to face them and attempt to cover up their imperfections. There are even times when they intentionally use others for their own selfish gain, but again put up a front. For these reasons I chose the theme façade to encompass how the communities in which I live tend to cover up their imperfections. In an age where social pressures are high, money holds power, and technology makes it easy to create a false image, it’s no wonder these communities do their best to hide their blemishes. This is also the case for the characters of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. While technology wasn’t as advanced, news still traveled fast, power fueled ambition, and, especially as a royal member, social pressures were great. This forced the characters to cloak their own imperfections from the world, especially when it came to the character Gertrude.


Move On

“Seek for thy noble father in the dust.
Thou know’st ‘tis common: all that lives must die,
Passing through nature to eternity.”
-Gertrude Act I, Scene II

In my community, fads come and go. I have seen many of these fads with my peers at school and even participated in them myself. The above picture represents this idea quite well. In a community with so much technology I often find myself surrounded by it and even using more than one device at a time (in fact, I’m doing it right now). I move from one device to the next doing different things on each of them while completely disregarding the other. It’s much like how we treat fads. We give them attention then throw them away. Gertrude treats people the same way we treat these fads. This is most seen in the play with her moving on from her old husband. In the quote above she very quickly passes him off as dead as an excuse to get married. She used the previous king then moved on to further her own gain. In the case of my community, it would be to further their enjoyment, but for Gertrude, it’s to find perfection.


Good gentlemen, he hath much talked of you. And sure I am two men there are not living To whom he more adheres.
“Good gentlemen, he hath much talked of you.
And sure I am two men there are not living
To whom he more adheres.”
-Gertrude Act II, Scene II

Paycheck advance is a thinly veiled scam store that I see in various locations around Lincoln. I flipped the picture around to show how backwards their intentions are from their claims. They claim that they are there to help people until they reach their next paycheck, but really they are only there for personal gain. The put interest on it so the people have to end up paying more money than they otherwise would have had to pay. The customer becomes trapped though and has to continue paying this extra fee making the customer more desperate and allowing the company to make money. Gertrude also uses deceit for her own gain. For example, in the quote above she convinces Guildenstern and Rosencrantz that Hamlet admires them both greatly and that they will repay them for helping him. The real reason she brings them in though is because she is running out of options on how to calm Hamlet down and figure out what is wrong. She is using them so she doesn’t have to do it herself.

Seek Attention

“Sweets to the sweet. Farewell! (scatters flowers) I hoped thou shouldst have been my Hamlet’s wife. I thought thy bride-bed to have decked, sweet maid, And not have strewed thy grave.”
“Sweets to the sweet. Farewell! (scatters flowers)
I hoped thou shouldst have been my Hamlet’s wife.
I thought thy bride-bed to have decked, sweet maid,
And not have strewed thy grave.”
-Gertrude Act V, Scene I

The above photo contains a display of Valentines Day chocolates in Barnes and Noble. The chocolates are set up nicely and on a table pushed out further than the others and with a pink top to complete the theme of the display. Many different stores have this sort of set up, and it’s quite obvious what the store keepers want to do. They are drawing attention to that display to sway the community of Lincoln to buy that product from their store. How this store accomplishes it is by pushing the display further into the aisle, contrasted by the far less colorful displays next to it and, in the top right corner you can see, is set up where the shopper has to see it on their way to their café. Gertrude also would seem as a box of chocolates throughout the tragedy (and not in the Forest Gump sense). She constantly tries to bring the focus back to herself as it benefits her. In the quote example she is at Ophelia’s funeral, but even there when she is supposed to be honoring the life of the deceased, she brings it back to herself. How many times she referred to herself in that short line was far too much, not to mention that she hardly honors her life. Gertrude essentially goes on about how it was a shame that she was not able to use Ophelia for what she wanted to use her for but in a way that made it seem as if she cared. In the end, she is simply drawing attention to herself.

Keep Up Appearances

“As soon as the sun sets we’ll ship him off to England…
So dreaded slander—
Whose whisper o’er the world’s diameter,
As level as the cannon to his blank,
Transports the poisoned shot—may miss our name
And hit the woundless air.”
– Claudius Act IV, Scene I

In this picture, we see a picture of a family. It seems like an average family taking a photo, but there is no story behind it, as with the case of many family photos. I have gone to a number of houses where family photos hang on the wall and received a number of cards depicting a perfect family with no issues. It’s a snap shot taken of a staged moment, meant to represent the family it depicts, but it often doesn’t. For that reason I took the picture so that it was a little out of focus with poor lighting becauseIt’s the same situation in Hamlet for the royal Denmark family. I imagine Gertrude would stage a very similar family photo to send out on the royal family news letter. She spends so much time keeping up her own and her family’s appearance. In the quote above though there is finally an incident where Hamlet kills Polonius and she no longer can keep up this appearance. In response, she and Claudius decide to send Hamlet off to England to keep this incident as far away from their family image as possible. They also make sure that people understand that it was Hamlet’s doing and not their own, completely washing their own hands clean of the situation. In the end, the photo Gertrude cares about most is the portrait of herself.


“I will not speak with her.”
-Gertrude Act IV, Scene V

In the picture above there is a girl taking a selfie. Before she takes the picture though she has to fix her hair, angle the camera, make a face, adjust the filter, and basically work to make herself look perfect. She may take multiple shots before she finds one that she is happy with. I see this all the time in my community on social media and in my school. The reason I left her eyes out of the photo is because often when people do this they are not reflecting who they really are but instead they portray a more perfect version of themselves which is taking away their identity. Gertrude would revel in this selfie era and being able to take pictures until they look perfect. She pushes the imperfect parts of her life as far away as possible and focuses on the perfect parts. To keep her perfection she keeps people away from herself and will send others to do the dirty work for her so she can continue in her perfect bubble. She does often does this with Hamlet, where she sent other people to help him with his issues, but in the quote above she is doing the same thing with Ophelia. She refuses to talk with her, because she knows that Ophelia will expose her imperfections. Gertrude just wants her selfie of perfection.

7 Dec

Saved by Ideas: a Concept of Heroism

Heroes, and the concept of heroes, have become an integral part of society. With so many heroes in history, not to mention the hundreds of superhero books and movies, it’s no wonder that society holds such a fascination for heroes. But this fascination is held mostly for the concept of heroes and what they represent. People care less about the person and more about what that person represents. People find an idea that they love, then rally behind the person or persons who represent that idea.

Examples of people only caring about what a hero represents is seen all throughout history. Howard Zinn points this out in his essay Unsung Heroes where he mentions a number of heroes in history that people often look to and points out people that would better fit the role of the hero. The essay has many great points about who people should actually be looking to as heroes, but many people will never take this essay to heart. People often times don’t care about their heroes as people, but as ideas. Abraham Lincoln for example, he had to be pushed by others to issue the Emancipation Proclamation and pass the amendments that were do help with racism. The fact that Lincoln was actually kind of racist is often over looked because he is the person that represents that start of civil rights. In the case of Lincoln, as well as many other heroes, the only part about them that matters is the part that people decide to remember and look to. While this essay points out the terrible traits of heroes, it doesn’t matter, because these heroes have ceased being people and have instead become an idea for people to look to.

An idea lives on much longer than a person ever could, so it’s important for heroes to represent ideas rather than a person. Sometimes they are represented as a changing person though. There are many superhero movies out there and in many films the superheroes are played by different actors. For example, many different people have played Spiderman, but, despite arguments over who is the best Spiderman, people will easily agree that they are all still Spiderman. It’s much harder for viewers to accept new actors in new roles, but it’s commonplace for superheroes. The characters in V for Vendetta also show how it’s the idea of a person that’s important. At the end of the graphic novel, V tells Finch “there is no flesh or blood in this cloak to kill. There’s only an idea” (236, Moore, Lloyd). Even after Finch kills the person who was behind the mask, he did not truly kill V because V was an idea. Different, mortal people could wear the mask, but V serves as an immortal symbol for people to look at for years. People then devote themselves to this idea.

When people rally behind their heroes though, and devote themselves to their ideas, they often find themselves giving something up. People find themselves dependent on heroes, devoid of their own thoughts and opinions. It’s a mindset that Fyodor Dostoevsky discussed in his book The Brothers Karamazov. Two brothers were having a conversation, when he eldest brother, Ivan, tells a story to his younger brother, Alyosha, of Jesus coming to earth and the Grand Inquisitor detains him so he can tell him all about how humans really act. With the Grand Inquisitor playing the role as the hero for his people, it’s accurate when he says that the people “have brought us their freedom and have laid it humbly at our feet”(289). The people gave up their freedom and yearned for someone else to lead and make decisions for them. People keep heroes so that they can look to them for guidance and eventual happiness. These heroes, again, then turn into an idea.

People do not look to heroes to see another person, but to see themselves. They wish to see their own goals and happiness achieved through this idea that is represented by a person. Heroes take an unassuming identity so that people can maintain a concept of a hero who may or may not deserve the position that they have received.

3 Nov

A Time to Grow: Excerpts from a Bibliophile

In June 2014, I was onboard a plane transporting me to London, England to begin a WWII European Tour. I had been told multiple times previously that this would be, “the trip of a lifetime”, but I didn’t realize this truth until I reflected on what I learned on this trip and how it propelled me into adulthood.

When the trip was first suggested I strived to go on it. I am reminded of the character May Bird from the book series May Bird by Jodi Lynn Anderson. May had to cross a patch of briars to start her adventure. Though difficult, she was able to work through them. The briars I needed to cross included raising funds, writing essays, acquiring letters of recommendation, and reading books to review. I thought these obstacles were keeping me from my adventure, but they were part of the adventure itself.

This trip also gave me a lesson in time management. Without adults I learned to be punctual when there wasn’t anyone to keep you in check. While it’s still important to be on time, it’s sometimes more important to worry and take advantage of the time you’re given.  

My second day in Paris, we decided to visit Montmarte, located on top of a tall hill with only steps to reach it. It reminded me of my time spent in detasseling. Even though it was a difficult, I persevered because I knew it would allow me to raise money for the trip. The top of Montmarte also made the trek up worth it. In both, I learned you have to work to receive what you want.

I experienced events in Belgium and Germany that reminded the ones that occurred in the book The Odyssey by Homer, translated by W.H.D. Rouse. In this book, Odysseus wants to go home, but obstacles stood in the way of this goal. Our own obstacles were a bus driver that was 3 hours late and friction with a friend in Cologne. We were able to smooth things over but this disagreement, with the late bus driver, made for some frustrating days. I was feeling like Odysseus, wanting everything to go as planned, yet knowing they can be achieved with determination and adaptability.

On the return home, I had time to reflect on the trip. I felt like Bilbo from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Both Bilbo and I weren’t sure where our adventures were going to lead. Unlike Bilbo, I had an itinerary, but nothing could have prepared me for how this trip turned out. With each place we visited, knowledge about culture and history were added. I also could have never anticipated the moments and memories that would come from them. Along with the knowledge and memories, I learned about myself. Like how Bilbo was able to awaken his sense of adventure and take a journey that changed how he perceived the world, I awoke my own sense of adventure and grew. The combination of the preparation for this trip and the trip itself forced me to make decisions and actions that made me think for myself and, in the process, make me more mature.

Tales of adventure have always captivated me, but when I was younger, I only liked the story. Now that I’ve grown older I realize that I am in charge of my own story, choices, and experiences that define it.  After this trip, I am confident that I can work with whatever opportunities may come.


Author’s note: I’d just like you, the reader, to know that this is an extremely condensed version of an essay that was previously over 4,000 words. I think it’s pretty impressive that I could do that, but I ended up cutting out many important points, so if you want to read the whole paper, just let me know in the comments bellow.

19 Oct

Como Se Taco Creates New Taco Combinations


The new taco joint in Lincoln, Como Se Taco, has given a unique twist on what a taco can be.

Opened on August 19th of this year, Como Se Taco is already a flourishing taco restaurant, with it’s small floorplan barely being able to contain the plethora of customers who dine there. When I went there myself, there wasn’t even a table to sit at and I had to bring my food to the neighboring Honest Abe’s to eat instead.

After stepping inside, it becomes clear quite quickly that this is no typical mexican cuisine restaurant. It has a trendy vibe along with modern tables and chairs. It might make people question whether or not the restaurant serves authentic Mexican food.

But their questioning would be warranted. With menu options including “Seoul Food” and the “Jamaican Sensation” it’s obvious their goal was not authenticity. But instead of being a drawback, this enhances the appeal of the restaurant. They are able to present a very unique menu, in the most delicious way possible.

Their unique menu includes 7 different tacos to choose from, combined with 4 different meat options. They also offer rice bowls and salads that you can use as a bed for your taco.

I ordered the “Seoul Food” taco with pork and “The Peanut Gallery” taco with chicken, which use Korean and Thai cuisine to inspire their ingredients. For those who are less adventurous, there is still the option of the “Plain Jane” which contains classic taco ingredients.

While their menu might seem limited, it helps that they offer more than just unique tacos. They also offer chips and salsa, with housemade corn chips and 4 different salsa options.

Their menu also contains 4 different drinks, with one of them being the classic Mexican rice drink, Horchata, but another one being Thai Iced Tea. It continues with the theme of having Mexican drinks, but they also have other unique drinks.

And for children who maybe are afraid to try any of the tacos, there is also a kid’s menu available for children 12 and under.

At Como Se Taco, you are able to enjoy a new and unique type of food, while still being able to eat local.


Como Se Taco

840 N 70th St, Lincoln, NE 68505


Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM – 9PM

“Curiously delicious tacos for all humanity.”

15 Sep

Dystopian Utopian World

Before writing this script, I was dreading being forced to write one because there was no good original story line that I could come up with that would fit with the play format, so instead I decided to write an unoriginal story as a satire piece. I also thought this would be the best genre to play a sort of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” thing where the main character breaks the fourth wall constantly while everyone else around him didn’t notice. I began writing with a vague idea in mind but the more I wrote, the more I found myself really enjoying the story. It’s now actually probably one of my favorite pieces of writing that I have done.

A 1 Act Play

Cast List

 Harvey Jones………………………………………………………….…A male student at Dippy High. He tries hard to be rebellious.

Mr. Varns…………..………………….……………………………….…………………………………..……A male teacher at Dippy High.

Jesse…………………..……….……………………………………………………..…………..…….………A male student at Dippy High.

Sandra……………………………………………………………………………….………………..………A female student at Dippy High.




Dippy High school


Future. Some 800 years from now.



There is a school classroom. The only colors that are used are black, gray, and white. There are about 12 or so students, all wearing gray that are all looking straight ahead at a teacher standing at the front of the room who is lecturing. Everyone has both hands folded on their desks and are very still. There is a drawing on the board of a person giving a sheet of paper to another person who wasn’t really paying attention. Harvey is sitting in the back of the room tapping his finger on the side of his leg. He is sitting slightly away from everyone else.



As the curtain opens the teacher is lecturing loudly to a room full of students. He is talking about the laws of the land that they are forced to follow. Harvey is tapping the side of his leg rhythmically but silently. The focus is on Harvey with a spotlight but all the other lights are still up. All the other students are staring blankly ahead.


…Because of this, we have been made into the greatest unity of people ever in history. The times before this were terrible and people were allowed to do whatever they wanted, like buy eggs without the permission from the government.

[students gasp and recoil a little bit. A few look away in disbelief]

[HARVEY rolls his eyes a little bit]



[raises hand and is called on]

You mean people didn’t have their own food shopping advisor?



Not only that, but they went to shop for their own clothes and had… choice.

[Students gasp a little louder and mutter a little bit. They look away from the teacher. HARVEY looks with some excitement towards the front of the room.]


[students quickly become silent and resume the position of hands on desk and face straight forward. Harvey resumes a bored face.]


I know this is shocking news but that does not mean you can act like absolute hooligans! Now listen closely! The reason we have these laws is to control social order. The reason we have social order is because…



[HARVEY mumbles halfheartedly]

Without social order the Unity will fall and chaos will rule all.

Dippy saved us. He will not betray us.



Good, now write a 1,000 word paper on why Dippy is the ultimate power and why he is correct when he says choice is bad.

[at the same time, all the students reach for a pencil and paper, places them on their desk and begin to write. MR. VARNS goes and sits at his desk and looks at the students. Suddenly everyone freezes and HARVEY stands up in the back of the room. All the lights go dark and there is a single spotlight on Harvey. He turns to the audience and begins]



I hate all of this [waves his hand around the room] so much. No freedom, I can’t wear colored clothing, I never leave the confines of a building because of our complex system of tunnels and walkways that never require leaving. [sigh] There is nothing ever to do but write papers on Dippy and talk about why choice is bad.

[HARVEY begins to cross the stage toward MR.VARNS’ desk.]

I just want a chance

[looks up dramatically]

to live like the people

[puts hand in a fist and puts it straight up defiantly in front of body.]

in dystopian novels from years ago.

[pauses, then continues]

You see, I found this library full of ancient books in one of the old halls. It’s been disposed of now but I had a chance to read some really cool books while it was still there, like the Hunger Games, and Allegiant, and Uglies.

Those people had such cool adventures. They got to find all these secrets and worked to overthrow their government with their friends. They all got to fall in love. It sounds like so much fun! But every time I try and rebel I just get thrown in solitary confinement and can’t eat for a few days. I’ve been doing it for, like, 3 months now and I haven’t even found another person to follow me to try and take a stand. They just all continue on like I’m not special, like I’m not trying to start a revolution or anything. And I’ve tried to get friends to help me in my revolution, I really have.

[walks over to JESSE and pats his frozen body on the back.]

Like Jesse here. My bed pod is next to his bed pod and we once pondered the idea of skipping our nightly cleanse.

[mumbled and trailing off] We never actually did it, because he didn’t want to get in trouble…

[exclamation] BUT he was interested so I figured I’d ask him if he wanted to be my rebellion friend, but then all he did was report me and I got three days of special assimilation training which was awf-

[JESSE suddenly jumps out of his frozen position and sits straight up looking straight forward. HARVEY looks at JESSE, startled but tries to play it off.]



[chants] We love assimilation because it unifies the nation.

Don’t make a friend or it will spell your end.

[JESSE resumes previous position. HARVEY looks at the audience again]



Creepy. But that’s how everyone is anymore. That’s about how Sandra [HARVEY walks over to SANDRA and gestures to her] reacted when I talked to her about becoming my romantic interest. You see once she fell down in the hallway and I’d never seen anyone do that before so I asked if she wanted to fall in love so that we –

[SANDRA suddenly jumps out of his frozen position and sits straight up looking straight forward. HARVEY looks at SANDRA and is startled but makes an even more exaggerated effort to play it off.]



We do not fall in love. We only care for Dippy above.

[HARVEY looks slightly confused then unamused then resumes.]



Did you even hear that one? It’s so ridiculous. I believe in a thing called Love. I think Love has the power to save this broken world [HARVEY looks very inspired]


But then also did you hear that name in there again? Dippy? Gosh that’s such a lame name. Out of all the people how was Dippy the one to take charge and why did he insist on keeping his name? I mean at least in those books that I read the leaders have really menacing names that make them sound like a real force to be reckoned with. Dippy just sounds like that if I could beat him in a game of hopscotch I could win back the country. I mean, how did Dippy even get into power. He doesn’t –

[MR. VARNS pops up quickly and speaks very loudly. HARVEY is startled badly and doesn’t have time to play it off.]



[shouting] Dippy came into power when he proposed a bill to the American Congress that stated that he was to become dictator of America. The bill had nothing to do with religion, abortion, marriage, minority or women’s rights, or anything else remotely controversial. It appeased everyone. Congress all agreed that it was the most beautiful piece of legislation to ever pass through Congress. When the President read it he immediately decided that Dippy was the perfect man to run the country and resigned that same day. He then called Dippy to tell him he was to become dictator. Dippy took the position graciously and was soon conquering the whole world with nuclear weapons and secretly hidden, powerful government devices. Truly Dippy is the greatest ruler to ever live.

[MR. VARNS relaxes but does not go back into his frozen position. HARVEY looks back to the audience and speaks.]



Dippy couldn’t even leave a better legacy than that?

[while HARVEY is talking, MR. VARNS realizes that he is speaking and turns to him quickly, confused.]



What in Dippy’s name is going on over there?!

[HARVEY looks back at MR. VARNS very quickly and in shock. MR. VARNS stands up and walks briskly over to where HARVEY is standing. HARVEY begins to back away from him.]



[stammers] I – well you see, I… I was just trying to… well I need to tell the people – It’s like a speech, I just – [HARVEY cuts out from fear]

[MR. VARNS is standing right above HARVEY while he cowers]



Command 2,683: There shall be no monologuing at any time without direct permission from Dippy himself.



But Dippy has been dead for hundreds of years, how am I—



There will be no more of this non-sense.

[MR. VARNS pulls a colored candy and holds it up to HARVEY’S mouth]

If rules you cannot keep, you will have to go to sleep.

[MR. VARNS grabs HARVEY’S mouth with one hand and shoves the candy in with the other. HARVEY struggles but is soon chewing the candy. Bliss spreads across HARVEY’S face as he slowly slides to the floor with his eyes closed.]

[chanting rhythmically] We love assimilation because it unifies the nation.

Don’t make a friend or it will spell your end.

We do not fall in love. We only care for Dippy above….

[Curtain falls slowly as he is saying this]

15 Sep

The Escape

I chose to write this story as a flash fiction because I thought that it would make for a good twist. Also I thought that it would be fun to write from a different perspective from my own and this genre, combined with this story, offered the perfect chance to do this.

She was being dragged to that room yet again. She knew what her captor was planning for her there, and she couldn’t possibly endure such a trial ever again. She struggled weakly against his overbearing grip, but knew that the situation was hopeless. The man trudged down the hallway with her body tight in his grasp towards the looming door, behind which unspeakable horrors lied in wait. She shuddered with fear as she recalled her previous visits to that room.

With each step her anxiety grew, like a thorny vine, starting in her chest and quickly twisting around her spine. Her adrenaline was building inside of her, like water behind a dam ready to burst, tensing her muscles and quickening her breath. Her senses sharpened as she prepared for her chance of escape. I can’t go back there, was all she could think as fear clouded her mind.

When her captor finally stopped halted at the wretched door she could hear his assistant preparing the room beyond. It made her stomach turn. He reached out his burly hand to grasp the metallic handle of the door and she felt as if her heart were ready to explode within her chest… but then, ever so slightly, he loosened his grip. That was all she needed.

Lightening fast, her nails clasped onto his forearm and tore deep into his exposed flesh. She  vigorously flung herself out of his weakened arm as he howled in pain. He attempted to detain her with his other arm, but it was too late; she was already flying down the hall.

She shot around the corner of the dimmed hallway, nearly slipping on the slick floor, while trying not to slow her pace. The man had already recovered and was blundering after her. She was fast but it was only a matter of time before he would corner her. I need to find an exit, she thought desperately. Her muddled mind couldn’t recall anything that would lead outside. She passed door after door, trying to recall which one was the exit that lead to freedom, but with the thudding of heavy footsteps behind her, she had no time to check each one. There was only one chance to get this right.

She rounded another corner at top speed when she saw a door that was slightly cracked with light seeping in from the other side, acting as a beacon of hope. This is my chance , she thought and barreled through the doorway. Light poured over her face and she felt relief flood through her body before she realized her mistake. The light was only coming from a single window, far above her head. She jumped to grab for the windowsill, but it was just beyond her reach. All hope that she had felt vanished as she stared longingly at the window as it dangled the promise of freedom over her head like a juicy apple that it hung too high to snatch. She vaulted herself a few more times in vain.

Hope seemed lost but she remembered the despicable room from where she was escaping and knew she couldn’t give up so easily. She whipped her head around the room, frantically trying to find something else to do, when she noticed a bed in the far corner. It wasn’t perfect, but it would offer some cover from her captor’s roaming eyes and immense hands. She dove under the frame and scrambled as far into the corner as she possibly could just as the man’s looming form came into view.

He tried to coax her out with calming phrases like “It’s okay, just come out,” and “it won’t be that bad, I promise” while calling her name over and over. She refused to move an inch though, resisting any allure that his soothing voice could offer. She watched his feet shuffle along the floor as he closely inspected the room. Slowly he walked in her direction. The feeling of anxiety was returning along with her racing heart and heavy breaths. She tensed up her muscles so that she could attack once he found her. He was a step away from the bed when he stopped abruptly. She looked suspiciously upon his feet, without moving from her fighting stance, and waited.

“There you are!” he exclaimed as his face suddenly appeared under the bed, followed by a hand shooting towards her body. She tried to sink her nails into his flesh again, but he nimbly evaded her swing, grasped onto her tightly, and yanked her out of her position. She screamed   but couldn’t situate herself to actually fight back. She flailed her limbs as her body was drug along the floor but his grip was like iron, refusing to refusing to allow her a second getaway.

It’s over, she thought, there is no way I can win now. She struggled, but he quickly restrained her in his arms.

Just as he began to stand up again, the Captor’s assistant called from around the corner.

“Did you catch Missy yet?” a high-pitched voice asked from the hallway.

Missy, she thought, what deplorable name. I despise responding to it.

“Yeah I got her,” the man responded. As soon as he stood up a small, curly head peaked around the doorframe and stated proudly “I filled up the tub like you asked, Daddy. It’s all ready for Missy!”

Well I’m not ready for it, seethed Missy, but couldn’t resist as she was carried back to the door of the bathroom.

“Can you open the door for me this time Sweetie?” the man asked the small girl “I don’t want Missy to run away again.”

I wouldn’t have to run if you wouldn’t object me to such horrors, filthy human, she sneered.

“You know what?” the man confessed, eyeing Missy  “I always have to wonder what goes through your mind when you run away like that. Do you think you can actually get away?”