15 Mar

Bands at Duggan’s Pub

Last night I went to Duggan’s Pub to go see a friend’s band play.  It was a great little bar with a good sound system and a massive stage to play on.  There was plenty of room for their 6 piece band, which isn’t always the case at bars, and, though I didn’t have any food myself, I have heard their food is delicious.  Plus, they have an awesome pinball machine in the back that I spent way too much money on.

I would love to be able to tell you to go and visit Duggan’s Pub, but sadly it’s closing down after next Saturday.

What you can go and see though are the bands that played there that night.  The first band is called the Prairie Creek Ramblers, which is a bluegrass band from Lincoln Nebraska (pictured below). Last night they were down a member, but that didn’t stop them from sounding great.  Check out the Prairie Creek Ramblers FaceBook page to find out the next time they play!

The other band is called Cattywhompass, which is also a bluegrass band from Lincoln Nebraska.  They had a guest member last night that helped them out for a while on the fiddle and performed a great show overall. After their performance they had a jam session in which audience members could come up and play with them for a bit for fun.  Check out the Cattywhompass FaceBook page to find the times for their upcoming shows!