15 Sep

The Escape

I chose to write this story as a flash fiction because I thought that it would make for a good twist. Also I thought that it would be fun to write from a different perspective from my own and this genre, combined with this story, offered the perfect chance to do this.

She was being dragged to that room yet again. She knew what her captor was planning for her there, and she couldn’t possibly endure such a trial ever again. She struggled weakly against his overbearing grip, but knew that the situation was hopeless. The man trudged down the hallway with her body tight in his grasp towards the looming door, behind which unspeakable horrors lied in wait. She shuddered with fear as she recalled her previous visits to that room.

With each step her anxiety grew, like a thorny vine, starting in her chest and quickly twisting around her spine. Her adrenaline was building inside of her, like water behind a dam ready to burst, tensing her muscles and quickening her breath. Her senses sharpened as she prepared for her chance of escape. I can’t go back there, was all she could think as fear clouded her mind.

When her captor finally stopped halted at the wretched door she could hear his assistant preparing the room beyond. It made her stomach turn. He reached out his burly hand to grasp the metallic handle of the door and she felt as if her heart were ready to explode within her chest… but then, ever so slightly, he loosened his grip. That was all she needed.

Lightening fast, her nails clasped onto his forearm and tore deep into his exposed flesh. She  vigorously flung herself out of his weakened arm as he howled in pain. He attempted to detain her with his other arm, but it was too late; she was already flying down the hall.

She shot around the corner of the dimmed hallway, nearly slipping on the slick floor, while trying not to slow her pace. The man had already recovered and was blundering after her. She was fast but it was only a matter of time before he would corner her. I need to find an exit, she thought desperately. Her muddled mind couldn’t recall anything that would lead outside. She passed door after door, trying to recall which one was the exit that lead to freedom, but with the thudding of heavy footsteps behind her, she had no time to check each one. There was only one chance to get this right.

She rounded another corner at top speed when she saw a door that was slightly cracked with light seeping in from the other side, acting as a beacon of hope. This is my chance , she thought and barreled through the doorway. Light poured over her face and she felt relief flood through her body before she realized her mistake. The light was only coming from a single window, far above her head. She jumped to grab for the windowsill, but it was just beyond her reach. All hope that she had felt vanished as she stared longingly at the window as it dangled the promise of freedom over her head like a juicy apple that it hung too high to snatch. She vaulted herself a few more times in vain.

Hope seemed lost but she remembered the despicable room from where she was escaping and knew she couldn’t give up so easily. She whipped her head around the room, frantically trying to find something else to do, when she noticed a bed in the far corner. It wasn’t perfect, but it would offer some cover from her captor’s roaming eyes and immense hands. She dove under the frame and scrambled as far into the corner as she possibly could just as the man’s looming form came into view.

He tried to coax her out with calming phrases like “It’s okay, just come out,” and “it won’t be that bad, I promise” while calling her name over and over. She refused to move an inch though, resisting any allure that his soothing voice could offer. She watched his feet shuffle along the floor as he closely inspected the room. Slowly he walked in her direction. The feeling of anxiety was returning along with her racing heart and heavy breaths. She tensed up her muscles so that she could attack once he found her. He was a step away from the bed when he stopped abruptly. She looked suspiciously upon his feet, without moving from her fighting stance, and waited.

“There you are!” he exclaimed as his face suddenly appeared under the bed, followed by a hand shooting towards her body. She tried to sink her nails into his flesh again, but he nimbly evaded her swing, grasped onto her tightly, and yanked her out of her position. She screamed   but couldn’t situate herself to actually fight back. She flailed her limbs as her body was drug along the floor but his grip was like iron, refusing to refusing to allow her a second getaway.

It’s over, she thought, there is no way I can win now. She struggled, but he quickly restrained her in his arms.

Just as he began to stand up again, the Captor’s assistant called from around the corner.

“Did you catch Missy yet?” a high-pitched voice asked from the hallway.

Missy, she thought, what deplorable name. I despise responding to it.

“Yeah I got her,” the man responded. As soon as he stood up a small, curly head peaked around the doorframe and stated proudly “I filled up the tub like you asked, Daddy. It’s all ready for Missy!”

Well I’m not ready for it, seethed Missy, but couldn’t resist as she was carried back to the door of the bathroom.

“Can you open the door for me this time Sweetie?” the man asked the small girl “I don’t want Missy to run away again.”

I wouldn’t have to run if you wouldn’t object me to such horrors, filthy human, she sneered.

“You know what?” the man confessed, eyeing Missy  “I always have to wonder what goes through your mind when you run away like that. Do you think you can actually get away?”