1 Mar

Ivanna Cone

Guess what’s back!

After being closed for MONTHS for renovations, Ivanna cone is finally open again!  Ivanna cone is one of my top favorite ice-cream shops of all time, so when it finally opened again on February 25th, I wasted no time in dropping by.  The new layout looks very nice, professional, and, most importantly, bigger.  It is much more suited to holding the large crowds that they tend to draw.

But even though their layout changed, their delicious way of making ice-cream and friendly customer service did not.  The particularly kind workers still served tons of unique and yummy flavors, like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Celtic Gray Sea Salt, and French Toast.  After sampling a few, I chose Amaretto which had a sweet, almond flavor that I very much enjoyed.

Next time you feel your sweet tooth coming on, I would suggest going to downtown Lincoln to check out the newly renovated Ivanna Cone and try their delicious and unique flavors.