21 Apr

Rocky Horror at the Joyo

At 10 o’clock Friday night I went to the Joyo with a few friends to go see the cinematic masterpiece, that is Rocky Horror Picture Show.  But, seriously, if you’ve ever seen this movie, you know how ridiculous it really is.  But if were writing this post only to talk about the movie, I wouldn’t have mentioned having seen it at the Joyo in Lincoln Nebraska.  No, what is truly unique is the experience that the owners of that theater give you. I had seen the movie prior to seeing it at the Joyo, but I was in for a surprise when the movie started.  It was easily the most unique movie atmosphere that I have ever experienced.  I don’t want to give too much away, just in case you want to go and see for yourself, but I’ll give you the basic run down.  Before going into the theater you get a friendly introduction and be directed toward the counter where you will be encouraged to buy a survival pack.  Buy this pack, as it will enhance your movie watching experience. Throughout the movie you will be using your survival packs as it becomes appropriate.  They then play the movie one the big screen while the leaders of the experience fill the movie with hilarious commentary.  It sounds like it should be annoying, but it actually makes the movie even better.  All these things, plus a couple of surprise interactive experiences in the middle, make for a truly amazing show.

Both the movie and the survival pack only cost $10, which is a great price for what you are getting.  I would like to warn everyone that the show is very vulgar and the movie also isn’t particularly fit for children (at all) so just be warned before entering.  Also I would suggest that you watch Rocky Horror Picture Show before seeing the show at the Joyo or bring someone with you that has seen it or the entire experience might be overwhelming for you.  Just my suggestion though.

So go buy a ticket and enjoy the show!