30 Mar

The Importance of a Personal Story – A Series of Posts

This week I’ll be starting a series of posts on the importance of history for people and in schools.

In school we had to choose an issue in our community and try and do something to help ‘fix’ it. Another part of the project though was to write a research paper on the issue. My first idea was to help in nursing homes and with the elderly in general, but then I realized a bigger issue. While it’s important to give these people proper care for their sakes, it’s also important to record their stories for both their sake and the sake of everyone else. I realized the importance of having multiple stories on a subject, and the best way to get multiple stories is to ask multiple people. It’s about more than just getting the story though, but sharing the story so that the story teller realizes their story matters and the people that hear the story also recognize it’s significance. I especially wanted to focus on more historical stories and stories of the elderly as their stories won’t be with us soon and all the knowledge they hold will be lost and simply added to a text book as “people in this era tended to do…”. All personal relation we have to stories will disappear and the will become dry and devoid of emotion. This paper addresses this issue and some suggestions on how to fix it.

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